Has 49-year old star Jim Carrey found love with 23-year old America’s Next Top Model contestant Anchal Joseph? They were spotted hand-in-hand leaving a theatre in New York after watching Laura Linney’s new play Time Stands Still.  Check the pictures –

Jim Carrey recently broke with long-term girlfriend Jenny McCarthy.Jenny seems to have already move on with a new love interest.

Who is Anchal Joseph? (from here)

Anchal Joseph was born on January 3, 1987 in New Delhi, India, but her family migrated to Homestead, Florida when she was 6 years old. She majored in Nuclear Medicine at Miami-Dade College-Homestead. She was only nineteen years old when she tried out for America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7, but prior to her appearance on the show, she was working as a salesclerk in her hometown and had modeled for French Vogue and Zoom Magazine. Growing up, Anchal felt she was quite homely and unattractive, but when she got into modeling, she became a bit more confident.

Although Anchal suffered from the “Ugly Duckling” syndrome, supermodel Tyra Banks was one of the first people on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7 to compliment Anchal on her unique and tremendous beauty. However, as the weeks progressed, it became apparent that Anchal was very self-conscious about her figure, which was quite fuller than the other girls. The other girls and the judges noticed this about Anchal, most especially during her last photo shoot (where the girls were made to do different verb-adverb pair phrases such as “dance aggressively”), when she ran out in complete embarrassment after failing to carry out her modeling assignment. The judges took it as a sign of lack of commitment, and consequently, Anchal became the seventh to be sent home from the show.

Since appearing on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7, Anchal has devoted some time to working with a physical trainer in the hopes of gaining a more muscular and toned figure.

More pictures of Anchal Joseph –



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