The incredibly cute Pia Mia Perez in a Bikini Shoot from Guam

Published by celebuzz
January 10, 2013 at 07:38

I have no clue who this Pia Mia Perez chick is, but I know what I like. She has been popping up on my sexy celeb sites for quite some time now (with another illegal favorite of mine, Stella Hudgens), so I figured I would look into her a bit. All I can find on her is that she was born in Guam on September 19, 1996 and that she is a singer. There is plenty of her stuff on YouTube, but who has time for that? I just want juicy details. It looks like she is dating the child actor Remy Thorne, but I am not sure how recent that information is. Regardless of who she is or what she does, with a body like that and her beautiful face, I can tell she is going places.

Now, she does have a Facebook account (not surprising) and even a twitter feed (less surprising). She has no photos to share on Facebook, so that's worthless, and as for twitter ... who wants to listen to what some teenager has to say about life? Well, at least she has a lot of picutures on Twitter, so it has that.

Well, Pia (I guess that's her first name) returned home to Guam to do a sexy bikini shoot for the world to gawk at. Given the fact that I love a skinny chick, and I have a soft spot for asians, Pia is a dream come true. Here are the photos I found. Given that she is only 16, I guess they can't be too revealing ... yet!

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