Lindsay Lohan Continues Her Bad Behavior

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For someone trying to piece their life and career together, you would think they would try to live behind the things or activity that cost their demises, but in Lindsay’s case, she is her own worst enemy

She was at club 10ak, where she threw a drink at a model that was with New York Rangers player Aaron Voros.  Voros, his girlfriend, and Rangers teammate Sean Avery were seated at a prime table at club 10ak. Lindsay “wanted to be at their table near the DJ,” one of the Post’s multiple witnesses reports. LiLo didn’t want to sit with Voros, alleging he was her ex-boyfriend and she didn’t want him near her.

Voros denied knowing Lohan, pushing her over the edge to throw a drink into his model girlfriend’s face. Lohan demanded the entire table be moved out. Bouncers refused her and Lohan left shortly after.  “There was total drama for absolutely no reason,” a Post source said. 

So where is JWoww or Snooki when you need them for a beat down, because it seems, if Lindsay isn’t fighting Sam, she is getting in trouble else.  This girl/woman really has issues, and we are still wondering why she isn’t getting help. 

On Friday, I finally saw Iron Man 2. One thing I noticed apart from how good the movie was, and how much money it has made so far, is the fact that, the 2 leading stars from the movie, Robert Downey JR. and Mickey Rourke, were two celebs that had to fight their own demons.  Robert never had a chance with his dad introducing him to drugs as a teen, while Mickey succumbed to the ways in Hollywood.  Both guys got their act together and now, they keep making great movies.  We hope one day Lindsay gets the message, hopefully before it is too late.

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personal injury Houston
May 18, 2010 at 07:10

This is one of the saddest cases of bad parenting and role modeling that I seen.This daughter is a drug addict and spoiled wasted.Many and years ago a relative or friend should intervene and save our her.Now the day he could be The adviser who will.She die broke and in a fog of drugs just the way she lives now.

Comment by
memory card reader
May 20, 2010 at 03:01

I will say the same that Many years ago, a relative or friend should intervene and save our her.Now the day could be the advisor will.She broke and die in a fog of drugs only way she lives now.

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