Katy Perry at “The Smurfs” Premiere in New York

Published by celebuzz
July 25, 2011 at 12:09

Katy Perry is turning into quite the performance artist. I am guessing that Russel Brand has a role to play in this, considering the man is the master of performance art in the 21st century.

Most of us are familiar with The Smurfs, especially those growing up in the 80s. Now that most people who grew up in the 80s are having children, it only makes sense to push our childhood cartoons onto the masses. The Smurfs is a late comer, and personally I could care less about them, but Katy Perry is a girl that is hard to ignore. While I wouldn't give The Smurfs a second thought, seeing Katy Perry in a short skirt strutting her stuff at their premiere is something I pay attention too ... and I am sure I'm not alone.

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