Sexy Bikini Candids of Kendall Jenner from Malibu

Published by celebuzz
July 5, 2013 at 11:47

I haven't seen too many bikini candids of Kendall Jenner lately, and the ones I have seen weren't too flattering. She was either laying down somewhere, or the quality was terrible, or just bad posing. These shots, however, will go down in history. Whichever paparazzi managed to capture them needs a medal, they are almost magazine worthy ... nothing a little Photoshop couldn't fix, of course. 

Anyway, here are some very sexy bikini candids of Kendall Jenner while she was body boarding in Malibu. There are some great shots of her ass, as well as her other assets.


Kendall Jenner (9)

Kendall Jenner (8)

Kendall Jenner (10)

Kendall (7)

Kendall (9)

Kendall (10)

Kendall (11)

Kendall (1)

Kendall (2)

Kendall (3)

Kendall (4)

Kendall Jenner (3)

Kendall Jenner (5)

Kendall Jenner (7)

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