What do Russians think of Americans?

Published by RussiaNetwork
November 15, 2012 at 12:10

When you think of Russia, whats your first thought? Cold? probably. Beautiful women? Maybe. Mafia bosses? Most likely. Incredibly rich oligarchs? Also likely. We can't leave out natural resources, oppression, and of course Putin.

What about the other way around. Have you ever wondered what Russians think of Americans? Well, our friends at Funny Russians definitely did, and they composed quite a list

The short end of it, Russians feel American are overly militant, incredibly obese, love their guns, love their flag, love their oversized trucks and love their bacon. Lets be honest, can we really argue with them?

Here are some of the hilarious images that Russians have been posting the the Russian net about Americans. For the top 40 pictures, check out the original post

America F Yeah (38)

America F Yeah (9)

America F Yeah (13)

America F Yeah (17)

America F Yeah (23)

America F Yeah (29)

America F Yeah (36)

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