Only the frequent consumption of black tea can save you from a stroke, experts say!?

Published by david
January 11, 2013 at 11:10

Tealeaves: Britons drink an estimated 165million cups of tea a day

Tealeaves: Britons drink an estimated 165million cups of tea a day

Any of you people want you avoid a stroke?  Four cups of black tea - that's a universal formula of protection from stroke. Such a diet reduces the risk of a by more than a fifth, says The Daily Mail , with reference to the work of the Karolinska Institute.

Scientists investigated the effects of tea on blood clots. It turned out, the daily intake of the drink reduces the likelihood of thrombus formation by 21% compared to people who do not consume tea. True, they always drink at least four cups.

This work was brought 74,961 volunteer. All the participants was in good health and joined the finding in 1997. During the next 10 years, slightly more than 4,000 people have experienced stroke (primarily ischemic). Moreover, experts monitored the diet of volunteers.

Eliminating all the factors, the researchers found: tea has played an important role in the state of people. It is known that in black tea are flavonoids. It is believed they are good for the heart and brain. But, if the daily drink only 1-3 cups of tea, the positive effects will not, can not be said about the dose at least 4 cups of tea.


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January 12, 2013 at 07:07

That is good and dandy, but what about coffee? You know, lately so often we read "scientific reports" about: vine, pepper, tea, soy products and so on and on, about which "scientists" declare "good for you". I have a suspicion that certain industries just paying them to post those "reports"?!

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