Nutritionists have announced a "black list" of products not suitable for breakfast.

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January 19, 2013 at 12:03


Foods that people eat in the morning play a key role in terms of his health, reports "".  According to nutritionists, there is a list of products that are not recommended for use in the morning on an empty stomach. 

In particular, physicians prohibit bananas and... yogurt. With bananas there is a problem: they have a lot of magnesium. Accordingly, the habit of eating bananas in the morning can cause a violation of the balance of calcium and magnesium, which threatens to cardiovascular disease. Yogurt while getting into the empty stomach, lose some useful properties. So, it is best to refer to it two hours after a meal or at bedtime. 

Oranges on an empty stomach - is not the brightest idea; high risk of gastritis and allergic reactions. Surprisingly on the "black list" appeared:  persimmons and tomatoes. They are there due to the high concentration of pectin and tannic acid (contribute to the formation of gastric stones). Also on the list are:  garlic, canned foods, smoked meats. 

If you want to earn some irritation of the stomach, eat raw vegetables like cucumbers, peppers and cabbage. But about those problems should be aware people with disabilities indigestion. Sweet potatoes are responsible for the appearance of feelings of "heaviness in the stomach." 

Also wise to give up cold drinks, which, by the way, are able to bring down the menstrual cycle. It should be remembered that sugar, trapped in the body of a hungry man can be a real shock to the body. The pancreas will not be able to allocate right amount of insulin. The result - an abnormal blood sugar levels, and disturbance of acid-base balance.



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