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Guest Bloggers Wanted

In order to apply, we will need the following information:

  1. Full Name — We have no intention of checking up on you, so if you feel more comfortable providing a fake name, please feel free.
  2. Website — This isn't necessary, but if you have a website you would like to promote, a link to it will be present in your profile. Sorry, only one website.
  3. Icon or Image — This also isn't necessary, but if you want a pretty picture by your name when we reference your user you may want to send it. Oh, and try to keep the image small.
  4. Links to Social Network profiles at least 6 months old — This will be used to determine who you are. For reasons specified below, we are trying to ensure people registering on Mizozo aren't simply creating Facebook accounts so that you can register. Oh, the 6 month thing is more a guide than a rule.
  5. Up to two previously posted articles — This is also one of those things that aren't necessary, but it will help. If we see that you write well, you will be accepted regardless.
  6. A little about yourself — This will be part of your profile. If you don't want to provide it, we won't make a big deal of it.
  7. Why you want to write for Mizozo — Another one of those things that aren't necessary, but it will help your application process. If you have a good reason, you may be accepted on this alone.
  8. Do you have SEO intentions — This is actually crucial. A simple yes/no is enough, but if you answer yes a description will help you. We are currently trying to fight these SEO firms from spamming our site, so you may want to separate yourself from them.

Please Note: All information you provide will be made public on our Google Drive Spreadsheet. Once an application is submitted, it will be all entered into this sheet, and our final decision will be posted there as well.

Please collect this information and send it to us in an email to We cannot promise immediate action on the email, but we will get to it as quickly as possible. It is possible that an email exchange will commence with additional questions if we aren't happy with the information you provided, or are simply curious.

So, why are we being so complicated? Well, it's simple really. Over the past year we have been flooded with SEO companies registering users, posting crap on our site, then having the companies who paid the SEO companies emailing us asking for us to remove the content. This is not only time consuming, but offers no real benefit to our users or Mizozo itself.


Some other things to keep in mind ...

We at Mizozo reserve the right to disable a user account at any time. The only reason we would do such a thing is if the user in question is posting questionable content (Porn, Spam or Hate), and also only after being warned. Also, if we feel that the application itself was in fact a lie, we may choose to disable the account as well (denied being SEO, but then in fact was exclusively SEO).

All applicants must understand that Mizozo is a fully transparent company. We not only have complete transparency on the company activities (see the blog), but we also feel that all user information collected is also transparent (our Applicants Excel Sheet mentioned above).

Articles on Mizozo are considered Permanent. We currently do not allow the deletion of articles (hence the problem with companies asking us to remove SEO posts) and only allow users to edit their articles for 1 hour after publishing. There are always extraneous circumstances, we are human, but we don't appreciate those that take advantage of our good hearted nature.


If you have any questions on registration, you can contact us via the link at the top, or you could just email We look forward to reading your posts.

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What is Mizozo?

Mizozo is a user generated content site which is in the process of a major shift in business. Originally a news site, Mizozo is now becoming the first truly transparent corporate entity. Not only will everything be laid out, but everyone will have a say in how things are run and get a cut of the revenue. Yes, Socialism.

2013 is going to be a year of massive change. 

For more information, check out the blog