Who is the hottest female hockey player in the world? Russia's Olympian, Anna Prugova!

Published by RussiaNetwork
January 23, 2014 at 15:07


For the second olympics in a row, Anna Prugova (Анна Пругова) will be competing in Women's Hockey. She competed in Vancouver back in 2010, where Anna was the youngest female hockey player at only 16. Bad news is that Russia losts miserably to the USA. This time, she plans to take the gold for Russia in her home country. 

Anna currently plays for Moscow's Tornado team where she is their goalie and she is just as effective off the ice as on. With her rise in popularity on RuNet, Anna has become huge celebrity. She is featured in almost all Russian sports site but unfortunately very little of her own. The only good source of information is her vKontakt page

With Olympics in just 2 weeks, it is not surprising that RuNet picks the sexiest girls competing to feature. Here are just some of the images I found of her on different Russian websites.



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