For Sale: Flying Hovercraft that will take your breath away!

Published by newsfreak
March 1, 2010 at 11:13

New Zealand inventor, Rudy Heeman, has invented a normal hovercraft that becomes airborne and flies at 43.5 miles per hour (70 km/hr). You can buy the machine at New Zealnad's auction site, -

For Sale: Flying Hovercraft that will take your breath away!

Description from the sale listing -

This machine was built and designed by Rudy Heeman of Nelson NZ.
It has been called all sorts of things including aircraft,airplane,hovercraft and flying boat.It is infact a W.I.G[wing in ground effect] in the form of a hovercraft.This machine,which is classed as a boat and comes under MSA rules,can operate as a hovercraft or,when the wings and tail put on,flying machine that can travel above the water or land.Yes,the machine not only can travel on the water and land,it can also fly at low altitude in the air.This machine has taken years to perfect and is now ready to sell.It can reach speeds over 100km/hr.All this with a 1.8litre engine.The fuel economy is far better than a boat of the same size and speed.It has a range of over 225km and cruises at 90km/hr when flying,and has a smooth ride above the waves!
It comes with a purpose built trailer,GPS,ASI,and all the engine gauges.This machine is fast and furious,it roars like a lion,and is not for the ''faint hearted''.It is adrenalin pumping and exciting.Flying an aircraft,the best part is the takeoff and landing,this machine is always in takeoff and landing position,but there is always a runway beneath you.
This machine does not require any license when flying in ground effect,but must obey boat rules when on or above the water.Please look at the photo's or check''my other listings'' to purchase a DVD with highlights and demonstration of assembly etc.Google''Rudy Heeman'' to see what the media are saying about it.Or watch T.V1 OR 3 on or around 1/3/10 news when it will be on.
The sale includes driving/flying/riding instructions and a liability disclaimer which must be signed on pickup.
The sale does not include copyrights,intellectual properties,moulds etc.The sale is for the machine only.Other features included in the craft are skirt retracting system to reduce drag and thrust diverter to convert lift air to thrust when flying.The wingspan is appox 7m. Lenght with tail is approx 6.3m.Source:

For Sale: Flying Hovercraft that will take your breath away!

The current bid is for around $18,000 (US dollars). Anyone interested?

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Comment by
"Mountain Mel" - Deweese
October 14, 2010 at 12:59

I must say the craft is "unbelievable" - as in impossible !  But we can only dream -Sorry - but I beleive this is a hoax.  I have owned a "SCAT" hovercraft which looks very much as this flying craft.  My hovercraft had a 45 hp Rotex engine and would barely lift off the ground here in Colorado, USA due to limited power.  3/4 of the air was forced under the craft for lift.  1/4 was directed out the back as to push.  The underside was a square box. shape as for floating.  When the craft shut down in the water it was like a Army tank !  What is engine is in this craft?  What is the hp?  The total weight ?  The material on the wing surface seems to be a little slack.  What amount of wing surface is required  to lift this weight?  Do you really believe that the craft is forcing enough air downward as to lift this craft enough to fly ??? - and the prop is pushing it forward through the air ?  How is it being controlled? Sorry - but I believe this just another hoax on U-Tube.  Has anyone ever heard of the "Molhler ( sp?) Flying Car"?  that man has been workin on it for max years - costing him millions of dollars.   Sincerely - Mtn Mel- Deweese, Ret. USN SERE/POW Inst.     

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