Lighthouses Frozen in Time

Published by Hammer
January 14, 2013 at 09:27

With winter upon us, it is nice to know that there are places that are colder than where we live. At least, I find it comforting. Seeing as how I live in Washington DC, it doesn't get too cold here, but I still despise cold weather.

None the less, it is difficult for me to ignore winter's incredible beauty. The scenery after a fresh snowfall is incredibly pristine, and while seeing the frozen streets after some freezing rain may seem dangerous, it still looks amazing. 

Here is a collection of Lighthouses as they are frozen by the winter waves. The way the ice forms around them is quite impressive, and I can only imagine how scary it might be trapped within while such a frozen storm rages outside, but it is still impressive to witness from the comfort of my living room.


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