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Your first date with a Russian girl is always your chance to make an impression that will determine your further relationship. The basis of any date is communication.

This is where the difficulties may emerge. The major problem of the international dates is a language barrier. Even if your date has a good command of English, there can be another difficulty: cultural difference. While there are some topics that are totally appropriate for any conversation between any people, there are also such subjects that shouldn’t be discussed and the questions that shouldn’t be raised. Apart from the tabooed topics, there is another problem of the first dates: the moments of awkward silence when you’re out of new subjects for discussion and your date is also hesitant to ask or tell something. In order to avoid any embarrassment and confusion during your first date, use the following communication tips.

Don’t talk only about yourself. It’s obvious, you want to impress your date and give her an idea of what kind of person you are. Many men get so much involved in their monologue that they often forget to give the floor to their partner. You shouldn’t repeat that dreadful mistake and keep it short. If you introduce a topic, say a couple of sentences on it and then direct your question concerning this topic to your girl. Ideally, you should take part in your conversation equally.
Show your interest when she’s telling you something. Women appreciate it very much when a man is able to focus his attention on what she is saying. If you and your body language demonstrate a genuine interest in her speech, you’ll definitely make a good impression on her. Listen carefully and try to remember some subtle things she mentions; you may need that information in future. To show that you really care, ask some questions en route. Let her know that you’re not that kind of men who just pretend to listen.

Don’t talk about your previous relationship. Your first date is not the right time to discuss your exes. This is one of those tabooed topics once touched upon may spoil the whole atmosphere of your date. You should neither introduce this subject telling your story nor ask your Russian date about her past relationships. Men talking about their exes take the risk of revealing some mistakes that they usually make in a relationship.

Avoid the topics about sex. These topics have been frowned upon by the older generation of Russians brought up in the Soviet Union where sexual revolution took place much later than in the western countries. Being brought in such traditional families, Russian girls feel shy when it comes to such an intimate topic. If you don’t want to embarrass a Russian girl, you should avoid topics concerning sex on your first date. Moreover, keep in mind that the Russian girls don’t want to discuss it even if you’ve been dating for quite a long time. And don’t even try to drop a hint that you want your date to end up sleeping together.

Present your strong points. Russian women are looking for a strong man both mentally and physically. They will be definitely turned off by the man who tells how miserable he is or how many problems he has. You are seeing a beautiful girl, not your psychiatrist. Leave all your troubles at home, take a positive outlook, and be ready to present your personality in a favorable light emphasizing your strong points and leaving alone your imperfections (nobody’s perfect).

Be confident and relaxed. Calm down and believe in yourself. Make your voice sound confident and mind your body language (don’t hunch up, don’t hide your hands under the table, maintain the eye contact). If you feel totally comfortable, then a girl will also feel the same being with you. It’s always a man who set the mood for the whole date so do your best to create a positive and relaxed atmosphere in which you will not even notice how the time passes.


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