HENK Travelfriend: World's most expensive suitcase!

Published by TwinGemini
July 26, 2010 at 23:27

If you like to travel in style, the HENK Travelfriend, might become your favorite suitcase. For $20,000, the suitcase can definitely be the right fashion statement for you!

Henk Travelfriend: Most expenisve suitcase

The suitcase is fully customizable from calfskin with ostrich embossing in 15 various colors and opens from both sides, so you can see its luxurious insides from any angle. The extendable handle and retractable wheels make this luggage state-of-the-art. Choose everything from the interior linings to the buttons on the top of the handle. You can personalize your HENK with your logo or initials. Grab the matching HENK Attaché Case and you'll get an anti-theft cable to keep the two together while you're traveling.

HENK Travelfriend: World's most expensive suitcase!

It is YOUR own HENK Travelfriend when this one is finished. There is no one like this! Choose from the finest materials for the exterior and interior. You can make a choice for the button as well. After having finished your own HENK Travelfriend you can opt to personalise it as well. Add your logo or monogram to the button, metal cover plate or smooth leather version.

So, what are you waiting for - get your own HENK Travelfriend!

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Anthony Cole
August 5, 2010 at 03:22

I can't imagine that somebody will invest on this expensive suitcase.  Most business professional will surely like to get their own suitcase which they can use for their business dealings.Anthony Cole

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