Six Ways to Get Discounted Business-Class Tickets

In order to enjoy a flight, a great number of passengers prefer flying business class, even though it usually costs much more than economy class. Unfortunately, business class can’t be cheap, however, it is always possible to get a discount that will help you save a good deal of money. Such discounts are available for everyone and can be easily found on the Internet.

So, here are a few recommendations that will help you find discounted airline last minute business class tickets and enjoy the benefits of a cheap business class seat.

Get in Touch With Your Airline

Some of major airline companies have significantly reduced their business class airfares. There are discounts that allow saving up to 50 percent on a business class ticket. However, this type of airfares have certain restrictions, like for example a limited number or travel days or minimum stays. One more important thing you need to remember about these cheap business class tickets is that they are non-refundable. So, get in touch with your airline and ask if any discounts are available at the moment. Also do not forget to ask about the restrictions that come with a discount.

Get a Premium Credit Card

There are special types of premium credit cards that allow purchasing two business class tickets for the price of one. To avail such a discount you should contact your credit card company and ask if they provide this type of premium credit cards or look for a credit card associated with the airline company you usually fly with.  

Look for Q-Up, K-Up or Yo-Up Airfares

These are nothing else but discounted upgrades on business class seats that airline companies keep in secret till the last minutes before the flight.  Q-Ups, K-Ups or Yo-Ups (the name depends on the airline company) allow purchasing a business class ticket, priced like an economy class ticket. Generally, airline and travel agents do not know about these upgrades, so to pay less you need to contact directly the airline. However remember that these cheap first class flights are available only on North American routes.  

Look for Z-Fare

Similarly to Yo-Ups,  Z-Fares allow saving money on business class flight to Europe and Asia. If you need a discount just check for any available Z-fare. Generally, this type of airfare is available is summer and in December.  Information on Z-Fare can be provided by a ticket agent.

Upgrade Your Economy Ticket

If you have purchased an economy class ticket, you can upgrade it to a business class one. When upgrading an economy class ticket you have more chances to pays less than when buying a business class ticket directly.

Opt For Lesser-Known Airlines Companies

It goes without saying that airfares on first and business class flights vary from airline to airline. The most famous airlines usually have the highest airfares. Thus, if you want to fly with comfort, enjoy all the benefits of cheap business class flights and at the same time pay a reasonable price for the ticket, consider flying with a lesser-known airline. There are lots of airlines offering quality business class products at affordable prices.


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