A sculpture by Narcel Walldorf at Dreseden College of Art in Germany is causing uproar all over the Germany despite winning a £1,000 prize for it. The sculpture shows a female cop officer wearing a helmet, body armour and a baton squatting with her combat trousers around her knees with a realistic-looking puddle of urine on the floor. Check the pictures –

Sculpture of "peeing" life-size female cop in riot gear causes uproar in Germany!



Police union spokesman Hagen Hisgen said: “There is freedom of art – but this time it has gone too far.”

And local interior minister Markus Ulbig added “It is offensive towards policewomen and in my opinion is against human dignity.”

But a spokesperson for the art school said: “Narcel doesn’t understand why people are attacking what is simply a work of art.”Source: web.orange.co.uk


I agree, it did go a little too far. What do you all think?



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