20 Creative Chalkboard Signs

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January 7, 2013 at 09:00

If you're in the restaurant business you are well aware of the importance of advertising. Sure, you can get lucky without advertising but most don't. Clever advertising is very important because if people can't relate to your product in some way they just won't buy it. Some of the best ways to relate to your customer is humor and one redditor managed to compile quite a list of funny chalkboard ads.

When putting an ad on chalkboard you must be aware that most people will avoid looking at it at all costs. So, to attract more people, you need something flashy, catchy and funny. Some of the chaulkboards below are amazing when it comes to their artful quality while others look terrible but are still very funny.

The original post was submitted to r/funny and was quite a hit. Here are all the images, and outside of the Chuck Norris one, all involve people trying to convince other people to buy their food.

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