Public Sex Allowed: Guests at New York's Standard Hotel perform sex acts in front of floor-to-ceiling hotel windows

Guests at New York's Standard Hotel perform sex acts in front of floor-to-ceiling hotel windows. The hotel is near New York's Meatpacking District where the newly opened  park along an elevated, former railroad trestle has turned into a "peep show".


Public Sex and the Standard Hotel


Disgusted neighbors say they've seen men masturbating, professional porn films being shot and couples engaging in sex in full view of the stunning High Line park path running alongside.

"That crazy kind of behavior is completely unnecessary," complained Bobby Shoule, 37, of Queens, the father of a 15-month-old daughter.

Business neighbors also are disgusted.

"I've seen a few porn shoots -- three dudes walking around a hotel room with cameras and lights filming a couple," said Joe, a manager at the next-door Brass Monkey. "I've seen at least 10 different people having sex. Saturday nights are the best time for the show."



The hotel's website and facebook site used to encourage the behaviour, but all of it was taken off after The NY Post came out with the story -

"We encourage you to exercise your inner exhibitionist. Please share your intimate and explicit photos with us -- those floor-to-ceiling windows aren't just for the views," 

"Whatever you do, just make sure the shots are HOT and that you get them to us in whichever way you can. It's all about sex all the time, and you're our star,"

The hotel has since then tried to make a concerted effort to not engage in exhibitionist activities.

I don't think it is a good idea to take your kids to that park!

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August 30, 2009 at 15:25

WHAT?!?!?! Why hasn't someone setup a webcam yet??? I want to see a "best of" clip!

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