The Most Incredible Origami Copy of St. Basil's Cathedral you will Ever See

Published by Hammer
October 22, 2012 at 09:22

Cathedral of paper

Most school teachers have hobbies, it goes with the territory. When you encourage children to find creative outlets for their energy, it is only logical that some of those who do the encouraging will be encouraged themselves.

And so Sergei Tarasov, a school teacher from Tigritskoe, Russia created the most incredible origami copy of St. Basil's Cathedral you will likely ever see in your life. Sergei does have one significant advantage, he is an arts teacher so he is an artist by trade, but such a project took over a year to complete and required over 10,000 sheets of A4 paper (8.3x11.4). 

Origami is a difficult art form, and Sergei managed to build this entire set without the aide of any sketches or plans. Using only the vision in his head, his St. Basil's Cathedral is almost exact in every detail.

Now that he has completed his first work of art, Sergei Tarasov has taken on an even more complicated piece, he plans to reconstruct the Kremlin and the entire Red Square. I wish him the best!

Cathedral of paper

Cathedral of paper

Cathedral of paper

Cathedral of paper

Собор из оригами

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