4th requires a license? Town passes three cat limit

Published by Matilda
November 4, 2009 at 23:38

Massachusetts town of Dudley changed the language to the town's bylaw which now makes owning more than 3 cats without a kennel license illegal. A $50 kennel licence is required if you want to keep more than 3 cats.

The change happened after a neighborhood feud over 15 cats owned by Mary Ellen Richards. One of her neighbor had complained that her cats had ruined his yard.

Owning more than 3 cats is illegal

Some of Mrs. Richards’ 15 cats are allowed outside, and one neighbor said the cats have ruined his yard.

The discussion at town meeting last night had Mrs. Richards warning residents that the $100 per day fines being imposed on her could also be imposed on them if they fail to get kennel licenses for their pets. Source: www.telegram.com

Not surprisingly, Mrs. Richard was not happy with the decision and has put her home up for sale and plans to move to a “more cat-friendly community,” but vowed to fight the fines.

I wonder what did the other cat owners in Dudley think about the new law?


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