Sonya (The Black Widow) Thomas eats almost a whole turkey to win Thanksgiving contest

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November 23, 2011 at 06:06

Sonya (The Black Widow) Thomas, 42-year old woman from Alexandria (Virgina) who only weighs 105 pounds, beat everyone by eating almost an entire turkey to win Manhattan turkey eating contest on Tuesday.


“I left only bone,” she gloated after her win. “I’m so happy.”

Even 400-pound Eric (Badlands) Booker, an MTA subway conductor who holds a world record for pumpkin pie eating, couldn’t keep pace with the petite poultry-eater.

“I’m definitely in awe of her abilities, to be so small and eat so much,” said Booker, 42, of Selden, L.I., who gorged his way to second place Tuesday.

But Thomas, who holds 24 world records for devouring everything from oysters to cheesecake, forgoes any training.

“It’s a mind game,” she said. “If you lose your focus and say you’re getting full and slow down, you lose.”

She credits the yum factor for her surprising victory.

“I’m not normally a fan of turkey,” she said. “Their turkey today was very tasty, moist and warm. That’s why I ate most of the meat.”



Thomas won $1,581 in prize money from the contest. She plans to eat Korean food for Thanksgiving instead of Turkey.

Thomas is the world champion in: cheesecake (11 pounds, 9 minutes), crawfish (3.25 pounds, 10 minutes), clams (26 dozen, 6 minutes), oysters (46 dozen, 10 minutes), jalapenos (274, 10 minutes).

She amazes me! Superpowers?

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