Two students aged 14 and 16 have filed a complaint against nearly 100 men in Siirt (Turkey), including vice headmaster, a soldier, a policemen, classmates, local business owners and elderly men , for rape and abuse over 2 years.

100 men charged with rape of 2 teenagers in Turkey

The victims are sisters and have been identified by the Turkish media as 14-year old H.T. and 16-year old R.T. They come from a very poor family as their father is a porter int he city. Since the scandal came out, 5 more  girls have come out. All the victims went to the same school.

The scandal came to light when student H.T., 14, and her four friends talked to a guidance counselor and complained that the vice headmaster, Fahrettin Kuzu, was sexually harassing them and forcing them to have sexual intercourse. The guidance counselor consulted another vice headmaster, and in the end, both decided that the incident should be taken to the authorities. Fahrettin Kuzu reportedly fled upon learning about the complaint, according to testimony by H.T.’s uncle Mehmet T.

After the incident was reported to officials on April 10, around 100 suspects were interrogated. Some 16 were arrested and 25 were taken into custody. The men, whose ages range from 14 to 70, include the vice headmaster, a soldier, a policemen, classmates, local business owners and elderly men who have performed religious pilgrimages and come from well-known families in Siirt.


It seems like the whole town was taking advantage of the family’s poverty. It seems like the sisters were considered an easy target for abuse.


The elder sister S.T. was reported to have been raped in the fifth grade, but fear has kept her from telling her story. As the news spread among the locals, the number of the abusers increased. The abusers claimed to have offered her money, candies or biscuits, amounting to no more than 3 to 5 Turkish Liras. S.T. had to drop out of school in 2009.

As H.T. grew up, the locals began to see her as they did her sister and imposed their demands on her as well. The vice headmaster was claimed to have even threatened her, as a result of which she complained about him to the guidance counselor.


What do you do when the almost whole town is part of the scandal?





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