It is hard to imagine what Dominique Strauss-Kahn was thinking when he attempted to rape the made that entered his hotel room. Taking into consideration his position of authority, one would expect he had more sense than that. 

FEMEN, on the other hand, sees this as a symbol of male authority, and is looking to make an example of him. Their latest protest, No Honey – No Money, sees Dominique Strauss-Kahn as an example of the IMF, proving that their main principal is “Fuck those that are weaker”. 

Truly, it is difficult to argue with FEMEN’s point. There is no doubt that the IMF are power mongers, or more to the point, claws of the USA. Their blatant disregard for the people have been made very evident throughout Ukraine, where the IMF had openly fueled Ukraines corruption during the Yuschenko years. Any organization that would willingly give $16 Billion to an administration that would so openly steal the money is equally as corrupt as the one doing the stealing.

Here are some shots of the beautiful activist (well endowed beautiful activist). Enjoy … 


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