Kiev is among the most beautiful cities in the world. It is rich in history, has amazing architecture, and some of its oldest buildings are especially well maintained, especially those located in the city’s center. While the rest of Ukraine suffers, Kiev enjoys great roads, decent infrastructure and an overall cleanly look. 

The Kiev Zoo, however, is another matter entirely. It has been the subject of scorn by the Ukrainian people, especially those living in Kiev, for quite some time. The animals are often starving, the conditions are horrible, the cages are tiny, the area is filthy, animals die daily and nobody gives a shit in the administration. While the city prospers, the animals are more or less left to fend for themselves. I have heard horror stories by friends living in Kiev about how dead animals are fed to other animals, who then subsequently die because the original animals were either left to rot too long or died of some disease. Nobody in Kiev’s administration cares because there is little to steal in the zoo.

In Russian, the word for Zoo roughly sounds like “Zoo Park”. Hence, FEMEN’s protest of the Kiev Zoo has been rightly labeled ZooMorgue. FEMEN are well aware of the conditions in the zoo, as are most of Kiev’s population. Thankfully, FEMEN are actually trying to do something to bring this to light. While the Ukrainian administration don’t care, the EU is likely to care. Such treatment of animals is not only criminal, it can be used against Ukraine in all future dealings with the EU. Hopefully, some of this comes to light in the proper circles soon.

Unlike most of their previous protests, the police were not involved in stopping this one. This simply reiterates my original statement that government officials don’t care about the zoo, even enough to send police. Instead, the zoo’s guards were asked to detain the girls. Luckily for the girls, two unknown men stepped in and helped the girls escape before they could be detained. Unlucky for the zoo, video footage of the protest is available, as well as a plethora of images. 

As always, all images and videos are taken from FEMEN’s livejournal site.


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