In a bid for global dominance, at least in the FEMENist Protest Arena, FEMEN have been invited to tour Europe and spread their FEMENist agenda. Their first official stop was Club 44, which is apparently some televised Debate Club in Switzerland. According the FEMEN press release, Club 44 has hosted a plethora of famous figures including, but not limited to, Jean-Paul Sartre, Francois Mitterrand and Simone de Beauvoir. As you can imagine, the ladies of FEMEN were extremely excited, or so their press release leads me to believe.

The FEMEN tour seems to consist of our two most famous protesters, Inna Shevchenko and Alexandra Shevchenko. Of course, if FEMEN is to be properly represented, Anna Hutsol must also be present. As you can see from the photos below, Anna Hutsol accompanied the two most vocal FEMENists and fielded questions. I have yet to find an English version of the interview, but a Russian version is available where Anna Hutsol explains the origin of the FEMEN movement.

She explains that they began when they saw the utter failure of the Orange Revolution. They saw its corrupt nature and decided that the Ukrainian people need a good kick in order to start caring about themselves. Their shock and awe campaign was intended to bring people to attention, to pay attention what these beautiful female protesters had to say. 

FEMEN hope to not only bring more attention to their cause, but likewise to have sister groups spring up all over the world. While much of the west balk at FEMEN’s tactics, it is hard to ignore the fact that their tactics gain significant attention to their cause. Of course, half naked beautiful women will always attract attention, but this particular attention is at least focused enough where people pay attention to what these ladies have to say, regardless of whether or not they agree.

Here is a short Russian video of the event, followed by a series of photos.


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