While touring Europe, FEMEN decided to make a stop in Paris to get some work done. Dressed as the maid who Dominique Strauss Kahn has been accused of raping, three FEMEN activists protested his actions on the footsteps of his home in Paris. Before a large crowd of journalists, our beautiful activists held 2 signs in french, and one that bluntly called out "Fuck Me". I bet that DSK is now thinking to himself, "Hell Yeah, get me that girls phone number." The girls named this protest "La France, sors, déshabille-toi et gagne!", which according to Google means "France, go out, take off your clothes and win!"

This isn’t the first time FEMEN have protested Dominique Strauss Kahn. If you are a follower of FEMEN as I am, you may remember FEMEN’s No Honey, No Money protest shortly after DSK was arrested. While that was closer to the subject at hand with respect to timing, this protest definitely trumps it with regards to sexuality and beauty.

What was most interesting about this protest is the police response. The girls seemed to be expecting a result similar to that which they experience in Ukraine. The police were to speed up to them, grab them roughly and throw them in the paddy waggon. However, the police response was quite different.

The residents of DSK’s home called the police quickly, however the French Police didn’t rush to his aide. Even more interestingly, when the police showed up, they didn’t do anything but wish the girls luck in their future endeavors (I’m sure that they had at least attempted to get a phone number or two out of the girls first, though). 

I am curious what the French had to say about the girl’s protest. Time to check out some English news sources from France … France24 comes to mind.


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