Update (below): Anne-Marie O’Loughlin to walk free tomorrow as all charges dropped!

Anne-Marie O’Loughlin, 25-year old Irish woman, was found guilty of raping another woman in a toilet cubicle at an inner Brisbane’s Caxton Hotel (Australia).She was found guilty of two rape charges and deprivation of liberty though she wasn’t found guilty of the sexual assault charge.


The five day trial heard O’Loughlin attacked the 34-year-old woman in the female toilets of the hotel where she digitally vaginally and anally raped the woman.

The victim, who cannot be named, told the court that although she kissed O’Loughlin in the toilets for up to three minutes, she had not given consent for Ms O’Loughlin to pull up her top and bra and touch her breast.

She further claimed she had not consented to being digitally penetrated by O’Loughlin.

In a police interview played to the jury, O’Loughlin said she had no memory of kissing the woman but admitted it was possible.

She claimed it was not in her nature to force someone to have sex with her.

The court heard also heard evidence from the victim’s husband who said he was extremely upset after his wife emerged from the toilets and told him what had happened.

Source: www.heraldsun.com.au


O’Loughlin had dropped her purse containing her identification which lead to her. The skin under her finger nails matched the victim’s DNA, leading to her conviction. Defence raised the possibility that the victim had made a false complaint to police about the incident because she motivated by fear or remorse that her husband had learned of the incident.

O’Loughlin, who was born in Dublin, had been working as a registered nurse while in Australia.

O’Loughlin will be sentenced next year.



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